GET UP AND WALK | Sunday Night

Get up and walk


The following was shared on Sunday night in the Tent of Meeting and is being made available as requested. Get up and walk!

My Children, I love you. I want to transform your perspective on following me.

You have become fixated on troubleshooting, lost perspective on what I’ve called you to. You’ve become like a patient who’s become so used to being in hospital lying on a hospital bed, you’ve lost your confidence to run (so used to being told the lie swallowed by society that you need x, y or z to meet requirements of success).

You say,

“Just fix this in me first, then I’ll run… Only heal me of this, then I will be free to run.”

But you are free to run – I made you to run.

These issues have become a comfortable mask for a lack of confidence – like a cast that prevents your legs from moving even though they work fine.

Let me give you confidence:

You are mine and I go with you when I call you. I am calling you. Get up off your bed and walk!

I am in the business of setting you free. Of healing your scars. Of transforming your mind. But they are not barriers to my work for you – they are a part of my work in you as we work together.

So come, rise, get up off your mat and walk!

And you will say,

“But I have not the strength;
I have not the knowledge;
I have not the experience,”

But I say,

“I am your strength;
I know everything;
I am the first
and the last
and the Living One”

So again I say to you,
Arise, get up off your bed and walk.

There’s nothing in the way of us pursuing him into the wild. The only thing that stops us is the lie that there is something – something else we need, something else to do first – but it is not the case.

“What I ask of you, I enable you to do:
What I invite you to, I enable you to do.”